Faces for Testing


Welcome to our face-testing experiment. This will not work on all browsers. It is for fun and research. We hope to improve it over time. If you could place your face on a hairstyle, it would help you to decide what hairstyle to choose. Or even if you are checking out hair colors. We will continue to work on this face to hair project, in the hope that we can assist you in choosing brand new hairstyles. Otherwise, just have some fun.

At the bottom of every page, you will find facial cameos, like the ones below.


Try to move a face around the page. Place your mouse pointer over a face, click and hold the left mouse button and see if you can drag it somewhere.

Next, see if you can change the size of the face. Hold down your "Shift" key, then use your left mouse button to make the face fatter, skinnier or just bigger.

Now that you are experienced, visit the various hair style pages, choose the face that most represents you, and put it on top of any photograph. Sometimes there are problems with the angle of the face, the lighting, or the skin tone. This feature will improve over time. It's also fun for the kids to play with. Don't worry if it doesn't work for you. Your browser or browser version may not support the procedure. 15hqql.

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